Monday, May 15, 2006

The Woman I almost Didn’t Know

Disclaimer: The following series of Blog postings will entail the adventures that transpired last week. Some postings may seem like ramblings, but due to the nature of a Blog and my lack of desire for editing more than one draft, you are stuck with what I dish out and this Blog may change quickly, pending on the time that I allot for telling this story (so commentors may be a day late and a dollar short). Also, pictures will be optional.

Last Tuesday, we received notice that my father-in-law’s step mother had passed away. Most of my father-in-law’s kin folk can be found in the north-eastern section of Oklahoma (and you can pass through the town of Okay, OK to get there). Now I had met this lady twice, both times, very briefly. The first time was at a family reunion in OK back in 2000 (the first reunion in 20 years) and the second time was when my father-in-law’s parents came out for a visit to Utah a couple of years ago. If you combine both visits, I probably spent a total of 30 minutes in her presence, talking and conversing.

Being Catholic, the funeral was scheduled for Thursday. We received word from my father-in-law, early Wednesday that he was in AZ, en route to OK. Now those who know me, can testify that I ain’t the most spontaneous person in the world (except when it comes to buying snacks in the grocery store) and it was decided that we would make the trip to OK and pay our last respects to this lady. So we spent the next four hours packing like a bunch of chickens with their heads cut off, made arrangements for substitutes at church, picked chillins up from school, dropped stuff off at TTU, etc and headed onto the open road by 4:00pm. We arrived to our destination by 1:30am.


carblemarble said...

I know exactly where Okay, OK is. I live in Tahlequah, OK.

Lyle said...



I did drive through Tahlequah a couple of times as well. Perhaps I can work it into my story as it unfolds.

Are you a part of a branch or a ward?

carblemarble said...

Thank you.

We have a ward, even got a new chapel about 1 1/2 years ago.