Monday, August 21, 2006

Self Induced Honey-do Chores

The monotony has finally broken me. FYI, I have been out of school since May and simultaneously out of work as well. This newfound freedom has left me with way too much time on my hands. I mean, we traveled to Oklahoma, Colorado and Utah this summer, as well as burned up oodles of additional gallons of gas here locally. I’ve also spent way too much time indoors, inside the confines of my own castle. I don’t know how the rich folks (as in ancient European nobility) stayed sane by not having to work every day of their lives.

As such, and with work starting up again next week, I have taken upon myself some long overdue and new honey-do chores. I have two projects going simultaneously out in the garage. Both involve lots of sanding with power tools, which makes me wish for an air compressor to blow away all the dust. One project is the refinishing an old headboard and foot board on a bed that has been stored in the attic since our arrival. The other project requires some refinishing work on my wife’s glider-rocker that was slightly damaged during “the move”.

The hardest part about all this is the “dry time” between coats of paint, drying stain and drying urethane. I was not born with the patience for the waiting game. Not to mention that the humidity levels are very high right now cause it rained fast and furiously in the middle of the night and then sprinkled some more around mid-morning.


compulsive writer said...

If you get really bored you can come back to Utah (since you failed to look any of us up the previous time you visited) and do some handi-work at my house.

Lower humidity. It dries faster here.

c jane said...

After a summer-long vacation, it is nice to get back to the grind, any grind.

Pappy Yokum said...

As I see it, you missed out on the best possible solution. Instead of traveling around, spending all that money on gas, you should have used the money to hire someone to do it for you and then you could have enjoyed your last few moments before returning to work. :) And, it would have solved a future problem as well. Having proved to your various family members that furniture is more important than family, you wouldn't have to ever worry about spending $ on gas to visit again. Wow, I think my idea is so good, I should run for president!

Lyle said...

Now how much of a visit woudl it be if I was stuck doing your projects?

c jane- grind is good. Breaks are good. Both should have their appropriate season and duration.

Pappy- 1 Vote for Pappy. Ah! But remember that both pieces of furniture were for family members and the results resulted in much joy and even a few kisses.

Julie said...

Don't you love sawdust snot? Gotta be better than sawdust pee.

Lyle said...

Julie- Who couldn't love sawdust/sanding snot? I'm still feeling the results two day s later.

I was a tid bit on the angry side yesterday when I discovered that the arm rest of the rocker glider were brand spankin new urethane finish was damaged....I had to take a few deep breaths and focus on the enernal perspective.

Julie said...

It could be worse, Lyle. My friends' kid took Eucerin to their bedroom furniture. He covered every surface with it. So if you ever need to know how to get Eucerin off hardwood furniture, you can ask them.

My nephew once took a permanent marker to my parents' freshly finished hardwood floor. Dad was not happy.

Anonymous said...

HEY... that honey must have loved the DO chores! Great job!