Sunday, July 13, 2014

A Tribute

I recently had the opportunity to take my family back to Paradox. It had been too long since our last visit. My two youngest had never been there. While we were there, a very memorable event happened.

This year my dad will turn 77. You make ask what is so significant about that? A lot of people live to be 77 in this day and age. But not every one lives that long before they finally lose the crown they have been wearing for over 50 years. What crown am I referring to? The crown that belongs to the King of Hayes Horseshoes. My father had never lost a game of horseshoes to any of his posterity until last week. That my friends is a long time to reign.

I once recall hearing a story of a latter-day prophet who was well into his 70's before any of his children (or grand-children) could outdo him when it came to working in the fields.

So my reason for sharing this story is not to brag about beating my father, but to commend him for ruling the roost for so long.

Thank you for helping teach me perseverance. And thank you for being a good enough sport to not ban me from Paradox.