Thursday, May 21, 2009

Reluctant Govenors and my relation to Napoleon Dynomite (...or at least Uncle Rico)

As if very many of my readers care, I was left wondering what's going on inside the head of our good governor of Nebraska... and even my fellow Nebraskans who seem to have taken a left turn in the corn maze. I'm talking about the new license plate that was chosen/voted on for our 2011 design.

This was one of four final contestants [hand picked by the governor], two of which actually portrayed something that relates to Nebraska. So after putting it to a vote, we now get black and white with a subtle reminder to visit your local government online. Are most Nebraskans artfully challenged?

So now I am also finding myself feeling a little uncle Rico-ish.

No, I'm not dying to relive the glory days of high school football [I would actually have to have played high school football to have that happen] but I find myself extremely nostalgic for 80's music. I know life was a lot simpler then and listening to music was such a big part of my teenage years. I no longer have that luxury.

So, what are you nostalgic for?