Sunday, October 22, 2006

Thanks for the Giving

Pappy Yokum –Thanks for the
Halloween tie collection…such a good son.

Complete Lo Down -Thanks for year
supply of highlighters and other school supplies

Reformed Pottymouth?- Thanks for
the rock climbing gear. If I ever find any rocks in Lubbock to climb, I’ll call

Jolly Porter – Thanks for the
season passes. My wife thanks you too.

Oh, Judy! – Topher said it was
your idea, so thank you.

the Real executive – Thanks for
the Back to the Future box set.

Everyday I Write the Book – Thanks
for the year supply of potato pearls. I love those.

Ignore the Crazy- You are crazy to
give up your swan table for me, but thank you just the same.

Compulsive Tendencies- Thank you!
Finnish chocolate! The hard part is sharing with my kids.

~j –Any gift for my wiffy is a
gift for me. You’re so sweet.

C-Jane Blog – Thank you. The king
size sleeping bag will guarantee a cozy night or two, for two when we’re in the
wild or feeling wild.

I'm sew funny taking pictures
Love the Harley jacket. Just gotta get me the bike to go with it. Thanks.

roi, rey, rei –Just one
question…How’d you know my size? Thanks, it’s just perfect for my laptop.

Dear Dairy...I mean Diary- Thanks.
The fly rod is fabulous…you weren’t in Jackson Hole recently were you?

Hey Jude! - An autographed
football by the entire SUU football team…a collectors item for sure

Curiously Short on Time -Gracias!
The new suit looks sharp, if I do say so myself.

Hammer Time – Getting Fed-ex to
foot the bill for all these deliveries…four stars baby!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Party Till You Drop

Happy blog birthday to me! Here's to another year. It was nearly a year ago that we went to this same (different design) corn maze.

I'd like to take a moment to thank my blogger father, The Jolly Porter For bringing me into the blogging world. I'd thank my blogging mother...if only I knew who she was. Can you tell me daddy?

In a fine order of a tradition and an attempt to not fall to far from my blogging tree (surely inherited from one of my blogging parents), I am willing to accept any and all gifts of a monetary value of $50 or more. Please do not send anything cheap or easily broken. I am willing to negotiate for family heirlooms and collector items. Do not send anything C.O.D. For those who may anticipate spending all their cold hard cash, therefore inhibiting their ability to pay for postage of my eagerly anticipated gift, can send money orders. Because Western Union is an international company, I will not accept excuses from bloggers in distant lands.

Yours Truly,


Monday, October 02, 2006

Parenting 101


How do you go about keeping a straight face when a child is having a fit and starts spouting off, (not making any sense,) and you know if you crack a smile or laugh, the child will get even further upset and be convinced that mom and dad do not love him/her?


Parent waiting for child to cool down and listen to reason