Tuesday, December 30, 2008

An Accounting: Traveling to Utah and Back

We recently returned from a fun filled trip to see both sets of parents, cause anything less, would be uncivilized. There are many things to see and behold on a drive that takes you through Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming.

12. Car wrecks,
11. Tons of road salt [scattered over 1,800 miles],
10. Colorado State Troopers,
9. Cabooseless locomotives,
8. Skiers falling,
7. Frozen waterfalls,
6. Mountain tunnels,
5. Million shoppers
4. Children sledding,
3. Family parties
2. Mormon temples,

...and a Shooting star over Grand Island.

Sunday, December 07, 2008


Where is the Logic?

I'm sure there are many other fans of other teams that have similar gripes?

NFL- Playoffs
NBA- Playoffs
MLB - Playoffs
NHL - Playoffs
College Basketball - Playoffs
College Baseball - Playoffs
I could continue the list.

So why does College Football have to rely on such a pathetic rule system the IRS would be envious of?