Tuesday, December 30, 2008

An Accounting: Traveling to Utah and Back

We recently returned from a fun filled trip to see both sets of parents, cause anything less, would be uncivilized. There are many things to see and behold on a drive that takes you through Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming.

12. Car wrecks,
11. Tons of road salt [scattered over 1,800 miles],
10. Colorado State Troopers,
9. Cabooseless locomotives,
8. Skiers falling,
7. Frozen waterfalls,
6. Mountain tunnels,
5. Million shoppers
4. Children sledding,
3. Family parties
2. Mormon temples,

...and a Shooting star over Grand Island.


San Diego Spendloves said...

That was a very fun way to record your Utah trip.

Also, thanks for the thoughtful comment on our blog. I am so grateful for contact because I have tried to e-mail some things to ya'll...so please send me your e-mail address. Ours is stu.kat.spendlove@gmail.com

Pappy Yokum said...

So you still do have some writing talent... even after all the boring technical writing.

cari said...

How about "1 visit to our old Provo ward?" hmmmm...

We do miss you guys! But I know you all have family obligations and such. Glad it was a fun trip for you all!

Lyle said...

Sandi- Thanks for stopping bye and thanks for keeping in touch.

Pappy- now if i dun all used up my kreative energee at wurk, i'd be plum fit for the nut house.

cari- if only i could borrow santa's time/space continuim stopper/slower-downer device, then i'd have more time like a visitin with the good folks in the 8th ward.

Cynthia's Blog said...

Yeah? I would have loved to see you

Clint said...

I hope you didn't get to see the state troopers up close like I did on our trip to Midland for Thanksgiving. I know there are more enjoyable sites to see on vacation than that!