Friday, August 04, 2006

We Were Almost Neighbors

Just last night My family was up in Provo as my wife had a Story Time Felts party at a friend’s house in the aforementioned villa. After the party, we was a visitin and a talkin about the movie, Joseph Smith, Prophet of the Restoration that my family had gone to see the day before… when to our surprise, the name Chris Kendrick and neighbor were used in the same sentence.

So I interjected, “You mean that the Kendricks live in this ward?”

“Yes” was the reply.

“No way!” ( I was about to give a Princess Mia ‘Shut up!’ followed by an Elaine from “Seinfeld” shove, but I restrained myself).

So I quickly explained how I came to “know” these folks via my blog and former high school bunch.

So to the mighty Kendricks…. I welcome you to the 8th Ward…. A day late, but not a dollar short…I hope.


~j. said...

Nice, Lyle, nice. Near the Kendricks means down the street (and same stake) as me, you know. Just a little for your FYI.

Lyle said...

~j- No way! That's cool that we were in the same stake and all...I grew up in the 1st ward and spent 5 years in the 8th ward.

c jane said...


You have a legacy around here. Thanks for the welcome into the 8th ward. Thems are some good peeps around here. You taught them well.
Blogging brings the world so close.