Monday, May 15, 2006

On The Way There

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Leaving at 4:00pm to any place that is more than a couple hours away is rarely a pleasant experience. Because of our haste, we did not know our exact final destination. We were to call when we got closer to the end. I jumped onto Mapquest and entered Lubbock as our starting point and Wagoner as our finishing point (outskirts of Hulbert is where we ended up). As such, Mapquest sent us through the toll roads that bypass Oklahoma City on the west and lead up towards Tulsa. We had to shell out nearly $10.00 between seven different toll booths that covered less than 60 miles. Anyway, while in route on these toll roads we pulled into a gas station just moments before 11:00pm. One child (out of diapers) had pooped their pants (trying to hold it) and another (out of diapers, had peed their pants, while asleep in the van.). The gas station closed at 11:00. Bless the lady who was working and unlocked the bathrooms for us to get our kids cleaned up and in their pj’s. As we neared our destination (with only 5-10 miles to go) we heard a child exclaim, “I don’t feel good” (the roads at this point were full of twist and turns, ups and downs). Fortunately we avoided the barfing in the vehicle scene (which has happened a time or two or three) as we arrived sometime between 1:00 and 2:00 am. Tired and beleaguered, we were shown to our accommodations...


compulsive writer said...

You know, I prefer Mapquest.
(Sorry, I really can't help myself).

And now for reals:

Good for you for being spontaneous.

I'm glad the cookies remained untossed.


Drive safely.

Lyle said...

Being spontaneous was good thing this time. I don't think there are any residual regrets.