Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Seven 7's as Requested and Promised

1. 7 Things I’d like to do before I die
Find a job
Tour historic Church sites
Take my wife to Brazil
Serve a mission with my wife
Write a book

2. 7 Things I cannot do
Play an instrument
Back handsprings
Eat beets, cauliflower, or asparagus
Curl my hair
Speak, read or understand French
Algebra or beyond
Snow ski

3. 7 Things that attracted me to my spouse
Her money
Her forward flirtiness
Her kindness
Her ability to keep me on the straight and narrow
Her dancing and musical talent
Her smile
Her friends
Her modesty

4. 7 Things I say often
I love you
Oh really?
Wasn’t Me!
Thanks for choosing the Hayes’. Will this be take out or delivery?
Vêm ca menino
Speak now or forever eat your peas
Kids, your pop-tarts are ready!

5. 7 Books (series)I love
LOR trilogy
Work and the Glory
Dragonlance series
Shanara Series
Harry Potter
Crime and Punishment

6. 7 Movies I could watch over and over
LOR trilogy
The Best Two Years
Send Me no Flowers
Back to the Future
The Incredibles
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
Rocket Man

7. 7 (Actually it’s only five, but who’s counting?) People from whom I would like to hear 7’s from...but will never happen because my blogging world is too small.


Julie said...

All right! You've joined the lucky 7s club. Nice list. I'm with you on the beets, but I do admit to liking cauliflower and asparagus.

Lyle said...

Julie- So now that I've joined the club, do I get a jacket (and don't tell me it's one of those flowery spring shirts cause I've seen that picture of the husband on C-Janes blog)?

compulsive writer said...

Tu ne parles pas francais? Dites-moi, cela n'est pas vrai!

Lyle said...

Compulsive-Speaking French on my blog....oooohhhhh! Delete! Delete! (jk)

I understand the first sentence, but I'm lost on the second. Those Frenchies were just too unloyal to Latin. :-)

Pappy Yokum said...

Wow, some new things I didn't know! Funny, I always tell my wife that she married me for my money. jk

Actually, I heard that when you finally deliver the seven 7s, you get a rather plain looking gold ring that will soon have you calling it "my precioussssss."

Lyle said...

Pappy- Well if your sweet wife didn't marry you for your money, can I have it? I hear Montanna is prime breeding ground for goats (inside joke folks).

A plain gold ring....hmmmm...if it means that I can turn invisible, live for 600 years and eat things raw and wriggly....I'm game!

Anonymous said...

Pappy isn't kidding about accusing his wife of marrying him for his money! He's kidding about HAVING money! The wifee should have noticed the - (negative sign) in front of the figures before she said "I do."

I would dare say, though, that had she known about the - (negative sign) her response would have been no different!