Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Ever Hear of Plato, Aristotle, Socrates?...Morons.

The philosophy bug has taken hold yet again. My oldest asked a thought provoking question. The kind that a parent can not just shrug off and offer a simple response, so I open this discussion for other great minds and solicit your response to the following: If someone were to own shadows, would they own you as well because you are attached to your shadow?

*Bonus question: Who is the man in the picture?
(Please allow 6-8 weeks for your consolation prize. Prizes are subject to


compulsive writer said...

Because of gum.

~j. said...

That's Michel Foucault.

Does owning the shadow imply controlling the shadow?

Pappy Yokum said...

I guess it depends on if your shadow is sewn on or not. If you are able to undo the sewing, then obviously the person would not own you, just a shadow that won't behave.

I think the picture is of Uncle Fester trying to figure out where he put his light bulb.

Jake Roi said...

I always turn those questions back on the kid and make them cry. They taught me in the army that such action builds character. Who could argue that the army isn't replete with character?

You could go the Compulsive route and simply provide any answer because one may be just as good as another in this case.

You could set a scary sub-text tone as in: "Of course. And I happen to know that there is an individual who owns the shadows. If that individual decides to control your shadow, they'll gain control of your every action - so stay in the dark all the time."

Other philosophical responses: "Can anyone really own anything?"

"The river
where you set
your foot just now
is gone-
those waters giving way to this,
now this."

and the like

And ~J has it - it's Foucault fer sure.

Lyle said...

~J- Is the winner. I have for you, the star of India (I just have to talk my folks into relinquishing it). Once that happens and you include a self addressed stamped envelope your prize will arrive.

Controlling the shadow....hmmmm...that adds a whole new twist.

Jake Roi- So that's why the scouts were always crying.

(Of course the answer to this question is not of any large importance to my daughter, I just thought it was a very unusual question.)

I like the idea of contolling the shadow and then gaining control of the individual. There is a story in the making for the next episode of the Twillight Zone"

Julie said...

Go read "Mister God, This Is Anna" by Fynn. Lots of interesting philosophies about shadows.