Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Picnic

As a mother’s day surprise for my FIL’s mother, all seven of her children gathered together (the first time in years) for a picnic at her house in Salina, OK on the Saturday before mother’s day. There was food galor...bbq brisket, ham, fried chicken, salads, chips, cookies, cakes, soda. If anyone went hungry, it was their own fault. We took lots of pictures at great-grandma G’s house, including a 4 generation picture with just my family, FIL and grandma.

After the food had time to digest and camera batteries were dead or in need of a re-charge, it was time for a showdown at the horseshoe pit. Too my astonishment, the list of challengers was short. I was partnered up with my FIL’s oldest brother and we commenced a throwin. Now I ain’t the best horseshow thrower in the world or even on a local level but I can score a point or two, usually with some consistency. Down went the first competitors (ol uncle-in-law threw a couple back-to-back ringers to blow them away 21-6). There was only one other team that had courage sufficient to challenge the undefeated champions for the Salina belt. While that second game lasted longer, the final score was 21-11. We stood victoriously upon the podium as the national anthem played and flowers were laid at our feet. Okay, so we went pretty much ignored by the rest of the bunch who were to busy shootin the breeze. My kids lasted about 5 minutes of the first round before they were off playing explorer or checking out the dogs, chickens, and ducks.

It was a fine and dandy Mother’s day celebration for those in attendance.

Seven 7’s coming soon....

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