Saturday, February 18, 2006

Tell Me No Secrets

I hereby allow you to poke fun and laugh at my expense. I was at another memorable visit to the Periodontist (a fancy/smancy dentist that charges lots more for more complicated problems). I had the left side of my mouth cleaned, not just a regular cleaning, but a deep scale cleaning. Those who have had this procedure will empathize. Because my tolerance for pain is so low, I was given a mouthful of Novocain injections and my favorite, Nitrous-Oxide. I mean seriously, if I had to endure the pain my wife goes through when having a baby, I would flat out die. Not just wish for death, but die. Flat-liner, nail the door shut and put me in a hole. So accolades to all mothers who know pain.

Anyway, after I returned home from this adventure, I had one of my more glorious moments when I tried to rinse my mouth with a warm salt water solution. Still numb from the Novocain, I was standing over the sink and swishing and swishing and spitting out the water into the sink. Unfortunately I lacked the necessary coordination and muscle control at this moment in time and realized that I had proceeded to get more water all over myself than in the sink. Just the swishing around part was enough to cause water to trickle down my front and soak my shirt. The moral of the story being: Do not tell any secrets to someone who has just returned from the Dentist (Periodontist) because their loose lips will let everything spill out and sink that ship.


Pappy Yokum said...

You're over 30 and you have never experienced before the "messy all over your front" swishing? I had that experience the first time when I had my wisdom teeth pulled. You should try it with novacaine and your cheeks swollen to the point of bulging and still bleeding. Then the mess down your shirt stains and you never have to wear that shirt again.

Lyle said...

Perhaps the humor, or the reason to poke fun at me is that I should have learned my lesson as a teenager. I think I was feeling overconfidant, because normally, I can not even attempt to put liquids in my mouth when it's is still numb.

It's always embarassing because, I never seem to notice until I feel the water soaking through my clothes.