Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Something Boring This Way Came

Yes folks, the circus came to the entertainment starved town of Lubbock. The mighty Gaffi Circus (I’m sure you’ve all heard about) rolled in for a two day extravaganza. My wife picked the kids up from school yesterday and told them we had a surprise for them. My wife proceeded to then pick me up at school and off we were to the “surprise” on campus. (We had decided to go because we had “special kid-get-in-free tickets” and figured that adult admission could not be that much.) From the adult prices to the gloomy looks of the girl in the ticket booth, my wife and I exchanged worried looks. (After all, we had already sprung the surprise and the last time any of our kids had been to the circus was when our oldest was 3.)

In non-stop action, with tigers standing on their haunches and shaking hands with the trainer, to miniature pony’s running in circles, to a one-clown performance, to depressed ticket-selling girls dressed like an ostrich dancing with the elephants, we cheered….when it was over. Fortunately, our children were none the wiser; they really didn’t have anything to compare it with…but, to add insult to my parental injury (for wasting so much money on so little) I asked my four year old what his favorite part was, “the flashing swords” ($10 toy souvenirs that the circus was trying to peddle and we refused to buy).


Anonymous said...

According to the picture of the poster, you should have been able to pick up some free kids while you were at the circus. If you didn't get any additional kids, you should complain to the management. Isn't it amazing what good marketing can do? Kids eat free, kids stay free, kids fly free - all available if some unsuspecting adult is willing to pay an exhorbitant amount for their own meal/flight/room/ticket. What's next - kids smoke free when an adult buys a pack?

Lyle said...

With four of my own, I think I'll pass on any more free kids.

Unfortunately, too many kids already smoke for free when an adult buys the pack.

The worms mom said...

They had a circus not too long agao here,. After all the stories I heard from co-workers who took their children I am glad we chose NOT to go! Money well saved you could say..

Lyle said...

Come to find out later, by folks that hoped to catch the 7:30 show, there were several parents that chose to go elsewhere when they found out the price of admission...in spite of their children's tears and protest.

What a happy Circus moment.

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