Friday, May 25, 2012

I Understand What it Means to be Blonde.

For the past six years, we've heard from all sorts of people how bad we are as parents for home schooling our children. Home school kids are freaks of nature. They don't really learn anything. They don't know how to socialize. They won't ever make it into college. They won't ever get to be like normal kids that play sports, participate in choirs, bands, or orchestras. They won't ever go to Prom, Home Coming or Sadie Hawkins. Their childhood will be incomplete.

It's this same form of logic that leads to statements such as:

• All southerners are hicks

• All Muslims are terrorists

• Chiropractors are quacks

• The Earth is flat

• Blondes are dumb

The hard part is, that no amount of explaining about what we do as home schooling parents and how it works ever seems to be enough to bring comprehension, understanding and empathy. I imagine it's like being Jewish and trying to explain to a Christian what it means to be a Jew. Unless you've actually experienced that lifestyle, you'll always be more in the dark than in the light.


carblemarble said...

So true! I home school a young man from church & we are seriously considering home schooling our kids. The young man I home school goes to youth activities, dance lessons, etc and has ample opportunity to socialize. There is a local home school group that is very active & talk of starting an independent orchestra.

Lyle said...

Every home school kid I've met, could go toe-to-toe against any public school kid, using any metric someone wants to throw at them.