Sunday, May 04, 2008

It 's New To Me

One of the things that I am loving about living here in Nebraska is the birds. Having been raised most of my life in [suburban] Utah, I was pretty much limited to seeing seagulls, starlings, and three robins.

Brazil had parrots and urabu [vultures].

Texas had great tailed grackles and mourning doves.

But Nebraska has robins aplenty, common grackles, mourning doves, blue jays, cardinals, red-wing black birds, wood peckers, sparrows, seagulls hawks, vultures, owls...and until we learn to hate them, squirrels.

Granted, those that have grown up with such birds may not share my enthusiasm and that's okay. If you grew up around these birds and still haven't tired of them, then that's great too.


cari said...

How cool!

mayday said...

I hate those dirty seagulls.

Pappy Yokum said...

Cool pictures. Good thing you don't have a cat.

Lyle said...

Our poor cat is just dying to get outside.

compulsive writer said...

It's not Nebraska.

And it's not Brazil.

But we do have news...