Monday, February 04, 2008

Bobby is Giving Me and TTU Up for Lent

I've broken Uncle Bobby's heart by moving to Nebraska. I mean now that I'm no longer there cheering at all of his must have taken its toll. Perhaps he thought I'd come back eventually, but after one month turned into two months and two months turned into... If only he knew I have plans on attending the TTU vs the Huskers.

What can I do to patch things up?


wendysue said...

Maybe you could throw a chair or smelly towel at him, or maybe choke him (just a little). . .he seems to respond to those things!

p.s. I keep meaning to apologize for my incorrect description of NE weather when you were moving here. Instead of saying "we've had really mild winters for the last 5 years", I should have said, "holy crap, and hold on to your hats, and mittens and buy a new snowshovel and scraper for your car!"
Seriously, we haven't had a winter like this since I was little. Show that to Al Gore.

Pappy Yokum said...

My eyes instantly filled up with tears as I read the news - knowing that in the snow-filled plains of Nebraska languished a poor boy and his dog, devoted Bobby fans, knowing they may never again see the wizard carefully calculating the moves to victory through the maze of common human decency.

Perhaps a reminder that you left the "P" out of his pool when you and the fam were last over for a bbq night would help mend the valley that has been torn between your two souls.

Lyle said...

...and they lost