Sunday, October 21, 2007

Tick Tock the Game Is Locked, Nobody Else Can Play

It has always been a wonder to me that people can be so limited in their view or definition of "Christian". It is a small wonder that this topic was touched upon more than once with this last General Conference of the LDS Church. My reason for even posting about this stems from my drive home from work the other day. I was surfing the AM radio waves [old school] when my attention was caught by hearing an interview of a lady who had recently published something about how Mormons aren't Christians and don't be fooled into thinking they might be if you should happen to have a conversation with one...

This was the first time [that I can recall] since serving an LDS mission in Brazil, some thirteen years ago, that I have heard on the airwaves someone so actively seekeing to put down and destroy a single religion [I'm sure that this was not an isolated event in the US; it's just been a rare experience, personally speaking].

Let the winds howl, let the hand enter the waters of the Amazon, in an attempt to divert its course. Let her go buy some poster board, a marker, and a stick to protest near Temple Square at Conference time. I don't think I'll ever understand the psyche involved in why people go to such lengths [in the name of Christianity] to rant and rave like they do at the Mormons. I'm sure those who posses an ounce of wisdom, will always see errors in such rhetorical fallacies.

I figure that the majority of my readers this is "preaching to the choir", but nevertheless, I blog on., if for nothing else, but to capture a humorous moment of ignorance and bias of a woman exercising her freedom of speech...while I go on exercising my freedom of religion.

So be sure to read my new book, "10 Reasons Why You Should Never Invite a Baptist to Your BBQ".

Hurry, copies are going fast, faster than the stores can stalk the shelves, faster than FedEx can ship the books, faster than I can write the book. So grab your pen and be making that check out and I will personally guarantee an autographed copy before the ink even dries.

Can't we just all play together nicely on the beach?


mayday said...

Here here! Amen! I am right there with you.

~j. said...

It's a wonder there's not more protesting here in the heart of it all, what with that priestcraft-mart Deseret Book all over the place.

I've always posed it to my wondering friends this way: If you wanted to know what it was like to be a doctor, would you ask an attorney? Okay then.

compulsive writer said...

I hear you. Especially the part about "on the beach."

This morning I heard one frustrated parent complain how last night his little girls were trick or treating and they were kind of working their way ahead of him a little bit when suddenly they both ran back to him crying. He thought maybe some bigger kids had scared them. But no, a pair of women proselytizing for another religion had told the sweetly costumed girls they were going to hell because they were worshiping Satan.

Not exactly the same thing, but not playing nicely on the beach, either.

Pappy Yokum said...

If everyone bagen playing nicely on the beach, then many of us woiuldn't have much to blog about. ;)

Lyle said...

I'd like to thank the choir for piping up.