Friday, March 03, 2006

Save The Day

Yes folks, it was another triumphant day for the forces of good. The other day, right in the middle of the spin cycle on our washer, something went Zoing! Clink-a-link-a-clunck-clunk-clunck! I promptly changed into my alter-ego. Up on its side went the washer in despair. Great Neptunes thought I! What appeared to be a belt was no longer in its proper orbit and one of the springs that helps hold the tub in place was dead on the floor, like a severed limb without the gore. I began drawing various tools from my utility belt in not so quite desperation. This was proving to be more villainous than I could have predicted. I contacted Alfred (a distant relation) on my radio transmitter. Alfred was unable to provide any tech support and to my chagrin I called it a night realizing the problem was not going anywhere that night.

Thank heavens for my wonderful side-kick Honeylishous Babe. The next day while my mild mannered side was in school, Honeylishous Babe went the distance and researched what knowledge we humans had been able to collect on our nemesis. To our astonishment, all was needed was put a silver bullet (a.k.a. machine screw….back into place) and re-attach the spring.
What we thought was a loose belt was in fact a noise reduction device that has no replacement part.

So later that night, after the kids had been safely tucked into bed, I once again changed into my alter-ego, replaced the screw, snipped and removed the damaged noise-reducing belt, re-attached the spring using my super-human muscles and wa-la! We have an operational washer again.

Thanks Honeylishous Babe! I could not have done it without you.


Pappy Yokum said...

Just when life seems to have thrown us a wicked curve, many times it ends up being a lot less troublesome than we thought and we hit a home run. My latest was with a swamp cooler and instead of an expensive and difficult replacement of the fan motor, it simply turned into grounding the pump.

Lyle said...

I was all ready to throw in the towel the first night and make the mad dash to the nearest appliance store because I could not get the "belt" off without taking the motor off, and I could not figure out howe to get the motor off because the motor is attached to the pump and the pump is attached... I could see the appliance repair bill...Cha-Ching, Cha-ching$$$$$.

This was another moment that my lovely side kick help temper my emotional/irrational compulsion.

Bek said...

In my house I am the machine repair person. My husband would much rather throw money at it and hope that it will fix itself. After paying WAAAYYY too many people to fix things that stay broken, I have tried to figure it out myself.

I have to admit that I would have thrown in the towel on this one. You guys make a good team.

Lyle said...

Thanks Bek. I've been on all three sides of the repair issue. I hate paying someone else $$$ to fix things and as such I've attempted repairs on my own. As such, I've had my share of failures and some very hard earned fixes. I've also spent money on something new to advoid either of the first two hassles.

compulsive writer said...

Success! Thanks a bunch.