Sunday, November 13, 2005

Idle hands and the Devil

Once again the devil has sought control of my idle hands, as I found myself making another pointless, high-in-sugar morsel. This time, the end product of my idle hands and the devil was the infamous Rice Crispy treat(s). Some say that the devil knows our weaknesses and I am here to testify that he does. For whenever I find myself on such occasions as this, the sweet cravings are the call of the siren and my hands become subject to the control of superhuman powers. Last time it was chocolate chip cookies and the time before that it was the crème-de-la crème, the made famous by thousands of missionaries in the MTC: The Captain-Crunch-Berry treats. Anyone who has ever had them, knows that the aforementioned Rice Crispy treats are like comparing Transformers to Go-Bots, MP3’s to eight track . . .

So now I have all of these Rice Crispy treats with a longing desire for the treat of supremacy, and I’m sure that I can force myself to do more than my share to put them away like a quarter-pounder with cheese, but I have this fear lurking in the back of my mind telling me that before the night is through, I’ll be making tapioca pudding. Are there any support groups or advice on the internet that I can turn to in hopes of liberating myself from this compelling power?


Please help: before I find myself licking the Dumb-Dumb residue from sucker sticks carelessly thrown on the ground.


Julie said...

Saw your post on Lorien's leaf-raking blog and I had to comment on the RC treats. I've never had Captain Crunchberry treats, but I have this great recipe called Scotcheroos. They're basically rice crispy treats made with peanut butter and covered in melted chocolate/butterscotch chips. When I make them, I usually end up eating most of the pan all by myself. Great blog, by the way.

Lyle said...

Sister Pottymouth. What an Honor it is to have you visit my humble home of hypertext.

Thanks Julie,
Scotcheroos are fabulous as well. I just remember my mom (who was one of the mangagers in the MTC cafeteria telling me that they would go through thousands of boxes of Captain Crush Berries each month. Of course, some was consumed as breakfast cereal. The majority of those boxes went right into making the sacred morsel. (The Isrealites thought they had it good in the desert.)
But if you'll excuse me I think I have to go check on the brownies that are in the oven.

Julie said...

You're welcome Brother...uh...Brother Lyle. I had no idea the MTC went through that many boxes of Captain "shred the roof of your mouth" Crunchberry cereal. So how exactly do you make these substitute manna bars?

Lyle said...

I think the marshmellow goo helps coat the Crunch Berries so that it doesn't shred the roof of the mouth as much.

I used to have an actual, written down recipe, but as a result of my sometimes slothful ways, it has perished.

So, I improvise by using:
1- 10oz. bag of Mini-marshmellows
3- Tbls butter
5-6 Cups Crunch Berry Treats (depends on the brand, e.g. Western Family, Malt-O-Meal [due to various sizes of the cereal] and the desired consistancy. [Some people like gooeyer and others like drier treats.]
I'm partial to the Gooey, so I used 5 1/2 on the average.

When in doubt, let the spirit(s) guide you.

*Disclaimer: This treat is only for the pure in heart. (or those that like said Chrunch Berries as a breakfast cereal).