Sunday, June 05, 2011

Hold Your Horses

I figured this cliché could apply to either one of two events: the birth of our second daughter (sixth child). I know many people that think we should have stopped at just one... maybe, just maybe even two. But six???? Are we out our mind?

Happily so.

E.M. joined our family on Saturday, the same day her mother was supposed to direct not one, but three single act plays. Which leads us to the next cliché of the show must go on right? In this case it did. All the kids involved did better than [I] expected. So bravo for them.

The other hold your horses moment with the show must go on refers to a certain rodeo in Utah that chose to move ahead in spite of the horse herpes outbreak. Instead of canceling the event, like other shows that involve horses have, they had the cowgirls riding on stick horses. Stick horses people. Doesn't anyone find that the least bit odd, not to mention embarrassing? These girls obliged the powers that be and literally held on to their stick horses.

Let's just have jockeys race with stick horses folks. I understand wanting to support the participants, but at what cost?

In the end, perhaps I should give the rodeo planners the same slack I ask of others, in terms of how large my family grows. Others are not in a position to make that call for me, just as I am not in any position to decide what goes down in a rodeo. However, in rodeo-land, with six, you don't get egg-roll.

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