Wednesday, July 08, 2009

All Good Things

I've known for some time.
Several months in fact.
I've been in denial.
My fate would be tied to the Jolly Porter.
It was the Jolly Porter that introduced me to the Blog.

My blog has served its purpose.
No Facebook.
No My Space.
If you want to know what's going on you're welcome to call, email or heaven forbid, write an actual letter.

Perhaps someday I'll return.
Not in a Micheal Jordon Fashion.
I think I passed my Blog peak long ago.
Not in a Terminator fashion.
I'm not a violent person.
Not in a General MacArthur fashion.
I'm not a General.

I may still sneak peaks at your blogs from time to time.

So thank you Jolly Porter
for the inspiration.
Thank you Jolly Porter
for helping make this easier.
Thank you... those who stopped by
with or without commenting.

and so, Boa Noite.


Christy said...

Are you still going to blog as much as The Jolly Porter is since he announced his retirement or do I just remove you from my Google Reader and be done with it?

So sad.

wendysue said...

Darn it Jolly.

Lyle said...

Christy- sadly but true. I have no aspirations of tid-bit posts. Feel free to amputate me from your Google Reader.

Wendy- don't be too hard on Jolly. He's an easy scapegoat.

It's hard to plant a flower garden and then not have time to nurture it and keep it weed free. My blog has not been properly nurtured for at least two years now. I figured it was a more humane route to end it now than to see it suffer indefinitely.

Anonymous said...

Be a leader, not a follower