Monday, March 03, 2008


Really Kansas, I don't know what your beef with me is all about. You have been a most inhospitable host twice now: the first time was during my first drive to Nebraska and the second time was last night coming back to Nebraska in a moving van. The first time you poured incessantly on me and led me blindly through every skunk trail nestled in your hills. And now this second time, you came back at me with a vengeance: the cascading rain, the gusting wind, and the blizzardy snow.

Don't pretend to act as though I didn't know that just the day before you were a gracious sunny 70 degrees for everyone else. What did I ever do to you to deserve your contempt? Acting so childishly, you should be sent to time out [note to Mr. G. W. Bush, Kansas needs a whooping, send out the National Guard].

Is it my fault the company I work for is located in Nebraksa? If you are going to hold a grudge with anyone, it ought to be with Nebraska. But really, to do so wold be childish. After all, you still have Dorthy.


kansas said...

Sorry, Lyle. Try me in August. I'll bring the sunflowers.

Pappy Yokum said...

and Toto too!

compulsive writer said...

Great post. Great comments. Glad I dropped by today.