Thursday, September 20, 2007

Job Hunting Part Two: In Houston

Goblin Valley had been translated and moved somewhere above the outskirts of Houston. At least, that’s what it looked like to me: tall, skinny, billowy celestial white crags, radiating with a fiery glow.

The job hunt took me to Houston again. I was relieved of having to navigate my way around on my own. The company provided all transportation that was needed to get from points A, H, and C and back to A.

The interview was like a five course meal and went really well.

With this trip there were not any delays, or extra miles to travel, or hoops to jump through, it was like a well executed military drill, without the military unpleasantries. The biggest glitch was the four hour wait in the airport for my return trip. People should never get a chance to become that intimate with any airport. Airports should be like a fast food experience, and you should always be able to have it your way, but alas, that is not how life [or this part of life] was meant to be.

Upon my arrival to Lubbock, the sun was getting ready for bed. The sky was ablaze, God was stoking the furnace. How can the sun go to bed so quickly right after such a climatic moment? That’s like going to bed just when the last Horcrux has been destroyed. There needs to be a moment for the endorphins to slow down and return to normal levels. There needs to be a moment to sort things out.

But I digress. If you had to choose between Lubbock, Houston, or Lincoln, which would it be? If you answer the question, you must also give at least one reason why.


Mammy said...

I vote for whichever one you think you'd enjoy the most, will give you the best experience and has the most growth potential. Look to the long term in making a decision, not the most convenient thing to do for the moment.

What situation would YOU prefer? Having offers from all 3 companies or only having 1 offer and not have to make a decision?

Pappy Yokum said...

Houston because I have always liked saying that line, "Houston.... we have a problem."

mayday said...

I have no idea. I've never been to any of them, so if I told you which one to pick, I would have no reason to give you.
The best of luck.

Lyle said...

mammy- having to pick from just one would be nice.

Pappy- Houston just might have a problem if they don't pick me.

mayday- there be plenty of room for y'all in Texas [then you could say you'd been there, done that]...and Davey can even play softball to his hearts content.

Kacy said...

The weather seems better in Lincoln and houses are cheaper.

jake roi said...

Houston = flood plain & hurricanes + high crime rate + 5% cost of living increase + far from Utah + too close to Louisiana...

Lubbock = familiarity, + cheapest cost of living of the three, + closer to Utah than Houston, + no move for you.

Lincoln = Not Tejas, That huge building, Tornadoes instead of hurricanes, + closest to Utah

Melody said...

Oh, my! I have no idea what to say, except: aren't we lucky that no matter where you land, we can still here from you.

Dying to hear what happens next.. .hopefully, exactly what you want to happen. ..

All the best to you and yours. and thanks for visiting my blog:)

compulsive writer said...

No idea. I've only been to Houston and then only long enough to sprint across the entire airport with a four-year-old and my luggage in tow. Oh and I was six months pregant.

But best wishes with your search and good luck with the choices that lie ahead.