Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sound the Alarm and Head for the Bunker

Twas a normal Sunday Church day...

Five minutes after the hour [65 minutes of Sacrament Meeting], the Bishop stepped up to the pulpit and said that we would forgo the closing hymn and have a prayer...[I'm thinking, What? We haven't gone that far over the time]

There have been a couple of tornado sitings. So after the prayer, we will have all the primary children and their leaders go to.... All the adults for Sunday school will go.....

What actually ended up happening [because kids wanted to be with their parents and parents wanted to be with their kids], we all crammed into the basement . Yes our church building has a basement. After several uncomfortable minutes, it was decided to let the kids do their Sharing Time. But alas, all bad things must come to an end. The tornado warnings passed and we returned to our regularly scheduled program.

Come to find out, there had been several funnel spouts/funnel clouds...all of them Rhode Islandly small for a funnel cloud...not a Texas size [aahhh ok...I'll throw in Oklahoma, Kansas and the rest of the tornado belt] twister. Only one was confirmed as touching down for a few seconds [Pecos Bill would have scoffed at such a wimpy overgrown dust devil].

The photo above shows one of them there funnel clouds not more than 1/2 mile from my home.

Having said all that, I am glad that we were all at the church [with or without a basement] and not hunkered down inside our bathtub at home.


~cari~ said...

Oh man! Scary! I don't think I could could live in Tornado country or huricane country either. Too stressful. So glad it all turned out well for you.

compulsive writer said...

Rhode Islandly small


Glad you're all safe and sound. But I guess if one must face a tornado there aren't many places better than crammed into a basement with fellow church-goers listening to Sharing Time.

carblemarble said...

Small, small, small. This was Sunday? It was nice up here, but I saw where (ready for some Southern lingo) ya'll had some nasty weather down there. Spring is here!

Papa J said...

I've heard that tornados can turn men to God. I hope it was a positive religious experience.

Being from the west and having only once been even in the vicinity (within 50 miles) of a tornado, I would have been the fool on the front poarch of the church trying to spot the thing.

Bek said...

Tornado's are my biggest fear. You guys are brave!!

Lyle said...

Cari- where can you go to escape the wrath of Mother Nature?

Compulsive- ♫Come Come ye saints

No hurricane or tornado fear♫

Carblemarble- They say our tornado season is about 6 weeks early.

Papa j- There were several trying to take a peek. I tried to take a peek, but by the time I made it to the door, the funnel cloud had disappeared.

Bek- what about earthquakes?

~j. said...

I saw on the news that there is ONE SPOT in the lower 48 that is immune to tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, and any other natural disaster you can think of. That place is the Utah portion of the Four Corners area.

(And who in the world wants to live there?!)

elasticwaistbandlady said...

Yes, but did you get to see cows in the swirling vortex and perfectly coifed Helen Hunt in a tank top? Ha, didn't think so!

mayday said...

I am so glad I live in a state that is virtually weather disaster free. Tornadoes and hurricanes scare the becrap out of me. You are brave to stick it out in that tornado haven. Good luck the rest of the season. Our prayers will be with you.