Thursday, February 08, 2007

A Philosopher of One

An Observation:

For those who may be unawares, I spend way too much time in the building posted above. This is the English building at Texas Tech University. Alright so I shouldn’t refer to is as just the “English” building because it also houses the Philosophy person. If you were to divide the building into eight sections [two sections for each floor] the Philosophy department occupies two of the eight sections [the east side of the first two floors].

Because I spend so much time in this building, I find myself regularly taking my mini “Australian” walk-a-bouts through the building as a way to get up and stretch my legs [the torture rack at home is broken]. At any given moment during my jaunts through the English turf, I can see and hear the commotion of students all day long. Pick a floor, doesn’t matter. If it’s on the English side of the building [divided my masking tape] there is life to be found.

Whenever I cross the boundary [through whatever wormhole stands before me]. I am transported to the silent “serenity now” quite and desolate halls of Aristotle, Cicero, Kant, and Charlie Chaplin. Ha! Bet you didn’t know ole Chaplin philosophized anything did you. One of his more famous quotes is, "The silent picture is a universal means of expression. Talking pictures necessarily have a limited field, they are held down to the particular tongues of particular races... There is a constant demand for a medium that is universal in its utility." How much more philosophical can you get than that?

But I digress…are philosophers a dying breed? Judging by first hand evidence of walking those halls, it is indeed a dying breed and someone has pulled the wool over the eyes of the Provost into thinking that they need ¼ of the building when they could get by in a custodial closet.

So do I have an ethical responsibility to convert the last poor soul over to the light of English so we can just have the rest of the building to accommodate the overflow of the true seekers of truth and light?

Am I destined to be like Martin Luther King Jr. who answered the siren call to carry the gospel of freedom across America? Does anyone have some poster board and a sharpie to spare? I’ve got a soul to save.

♫ Onward English Soldiers! ♫


compulsive writer said...

That is a nice looking building, though. I had to slave away in the dreary halls of the JKHB (that's the Jesse Knight Humanities Building). I kinda miss it now, though.

Viva la revolution!

elasticwaistbandlady said...

I'm pretty sure i can surmise the "philosophies" of most college students. Those needs are met over at the frat and sorority houses. :)
Keep fighting the good fight!

Lyle said...

Compulsive- yes it is a very nice building. It was built in 2001. I feel almost guilty when I see what the grad student and faculty accomodations are for other disciplines.

elastic- too true.

On a slightly different note, it is Friday and it is snowing (two days ago in was 70 degrees]. That makes 5 for five...Arby's anyone?

compulsive writer said...

Hey lyle--English majors are especially invited to come play "You be the Bard" over at my blog. Please come!

~cari~ said...

Call me stupid but, I don't "get" Philosophy! I'm just not a deep-thinker. I say...keep on trying to convert!

compulsive writer said...

That was quite a legend you wove for the contest. Why is it that those darn priests always get in the way of true love?

Thanks again for playing!

mayday said...

I enjoy some philosophy, but I have to agree, it does seem to be a bit 100 years ago. English is more important, much more important. We have a lot of ESL's to teach!

Papa J said...

Hold on a second. My most interesting class (and teacher) in college was Philosopy 101. We studied how a bunch of dead guys thought and we discussed moral imperatives. The professor was a genius at developing an aguement. You took a moral stance at your own peril. I can still remember some of his specific lectures. Don't convert the lone philosopher in your building. He's helping the world (and your building) to be more interesting.

Lyle said...

papa j- In would be more of an assimilation than a conversion. Us english folks no a thing or to about philosophizing and arguin and what not.