Saturday, December 02, 2006

Pick your Poison or Chose Your Own Blogging Adventure

The Importance of Wearing a Helmet?

Last night My wiffy and I were on a date and as part of our date we found
ourselves browsing the aisles of Toys-R-Us, looking for prospective presents for
our chillins.  Lo and behold we saw a picture of a kid bouncing on a
pogo-stick, wearing a helmet. Can anyone cite for me an instance of a child
injuring their head while playing on a pogo-stick? Should they wear helmets
while playing jump rope and hop scotch as well? For extra precaution, let's put
them on their heads while they play tag and hide-n-seek, taking a bath and
eating at the table [that chair is kind of a high place to fall from].

Or if you do not want to discuss safety and helmets...

Lubbock Sky


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! I guess it would be a good thing to wear a helmet while pogo-sticking in the street? Silly.

compulsive writer said...
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compulsive writer said...

Simply gorgeous!

The Lubbock sky, that is...

mayday said...

One, I can't stop laughing about the helmet thing. It's so true! Except of course if you are in the middle of the street. Then it's really important, thanks Cari. Two, the sky is gorgeous. I like it even more because snow rarely falls from it!

Anonymous said...

Well, if they did wear helmets all the time, it would really cut down on the need to fix up the hair every day - "Who cares what your hair looks like, just put your helmet on and get on to school." No more braids, bows, hair clips, scrunchies, worry about unsightly cowlicks (sp) or anything similar. Why, it's so simple, I just sold myself on the idea! It's helmets for Christmas for my kids!

PS - Thanks for the great pictures also.

Lyle said...

Pappy- To bad we don't have your name this year for Christmas. I'd know exactly what to get you.

Besides, you might be on to something. Having the girls wear helmets everywhere would surely cut down on the boy problems.

Julie said...

Those pictures are amazing. Wow. I'm speechless.