Thursday, November 16, 2006

Dinner with a Friend

It took a few days for the media to quite down a bit after the most recent Bobby Knight incident. As such, I got my good pal Bobby to really open up last night as we shared some smoked briquette at his place. Can I just tell you, my kids totally adore “uncle Bobby”. Maybe it has something to do with the indoor pool, game room and the bottomless freezer of ice-cream. Who ever said, can’t buy me love? But I digress.

Our conversation went something like this:

LH: Bobby, you gotta stop finding ways to attract the media attention like stink on a monkey [unless it’s good news, like the time you donated your first two years salary to the Athletic program at Tech].

BK: I know. But it’s not like I intend for these things to happen. I’m very passionate about the game and get caught up in the moment. It’s like being moved upon by the spirit.

LH: Throwing chairs is kinda extreme.

BK: That was ages ago and my hands were sweaty.

LH: I seem to recall a head-but incident with one of your players a few years ago as well.

BK: Again, that was over and wrongly publicized. I was angry but not violent. I was walking over to have a few words with him when my contact fell out and for that brief second, I was blinded and stumbled, which caused our heads to collide.

LH: Why didn’t you explain that in the post game interview?

BK: Don’t you think I would have tried if I thought they would believe me? They were still riled up over the chair incident. Can’t these folks just let things go? Is anyone still complaining about Clinton and Monica?

LH: So, what really happened the other night? Some say you slapped him. To me it looked like a
old man with lightning fast reflexes getting a young punk to look him in the eye…

You calling me old?

LH: Simmer down there friend. No, I don’t think you look old. You are older than I am though. Anyway, that’s what it looked like to me.

BK: You saw right. I hate talking to the top of someone’s head. He was feeling down on himself for the back to back fouls and I was hoping to instill the “eye of the tiger” in him. You really can’t do that unless you’re looking eye to eye.

So there you have it. Even among close friends, his story remains the same. The kid was not upset by BK’s actions; the parents weren’t upset; so why was everyone else upset? Cause it was Bobby Knight.

btw, thanks Bobby for dinner. It was superb as usual. Next week it will be at my house.


Anonymous said...

Well, after watching the clip, I have to say it does look like BK is trying to "lift" his head a little too high. But, thanks to you for setting the record straight with the little one on one. So, next week are you going to let offer Bobby a soothing dip in the jacuzzi after dinner?

Anonymous said...

Just as I thought, just as I thought.

mayday said...

I will pretend I know what is going on and that I stay up to date on news.

Lyle said...

Pappy- The jacuzzi is down for repairs. BK did ask how you were doing though. I told him you missed the world series and he said your sideline reservations have been canceled.

Carblemarble- Sharp as a tac.

mayday- BK was in the spotlight again for making physical contact with one of his players. The media tried to blow it out of porportion.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you told him about the World Series! Oh, my own brother! How could you do this?! No sideline reservations - what will people think?